Coach’s tips to improve your tennis game

The following are a few practical yet straight forward tips for tennis coaching supplied by the Gold Coast Tennis Academy in Australia that can honestly help any level of play. The tips can be applied with or without a coach.

Tip 1: Early preparation

You cannot prepare soon enough, instead turn your hips and shoulders before the oncoming ball bounces on your side of the court.

Tip 2: Exaggerate the follow through

Majority of all people regardless of what sport they indulge in can improve their skill set by following through when you tend to get a bit nervous or when your opponent is in control of the game and is moving you around.  When you exaggerate you’re follow through, you do not think and should just hit the ball. Remember to move your feet at all times.

Tip 3: Two bounces and you are out

Remember that regardless of wherever you play and whenever you rally, bear in mind to never let the ball bounce twice. Even if you have no chance of reaching the ball, always run for it. Richard Williams told Serena and Venus when they were young kids not to think and just run and hit the ball. Attempt playing on a court with no lines, as whatever comes to you, is in play.

Tip 4: Hit-recover

Numerous players will hit a ball and then compliment themselves while watching the ball. This is incorrect as from now on you must hit and immediately recover.  Looking at the pros, for example, it seems like they recover in the middle of their hit. Even if it isn’t necessary to go to that extreme, remember to hit, finish and get back to position.

Tip 5: Foundation

It is recommended you and your partner start at the serving line and stand in between the singles and doubles line while rallying between the lines. Eventually, you will gain confidence, tend to move back until the baseline. It is imperative you have built a solid foundation and impeccable balance to hit between the lines.

Tip 6: A safety target

Many players will tend to overplay the ball including playing the lines. Tennis players defy the odds and go for the winners. The pros build points by playing offensive and do not go for just winners.


Tip 7: When do you communicate?

There are numerous opinions on when you should talk, how you should speak and what to say to your player after a practice session and match. No two people are alike; coaches are required to adjust their method to fit the student’s personality.

Tip 8: Boris Becker

Boris has thought many people on how to become better coaches through his approach on his serve which included getting ready into serve position, went through the entire serve motion including where to serve, attempt the first serve and repeat if missed.