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Double The Victory


about Bryan Brothers

Bryan Brothers are referred to as the twin wonders of the tennis. They are known for playing some of the best doubles game and has also won many grand slams.

Successful Journey

doubles championships

The Bryan Brothers have won a lot of double championships is known to be one of the best doubles team ever.

Record Breaks

From the very beginning of their international carrier they have been breaking records and creating new ones.

Wimbledon Victory

Together the Bryan Brothers have clinched nearly seventeen Wimbledon titles. 


The Bryan Brothers was a name associated with the victory from many years in tennis. The made sure adapt to every situation and tackle things accordingly.


Their success as a team and as individuals are something that cannot be matched by anyone.


One of the best doubles team that has ever played the game. Their understanding and bond between them reflect in their coordination.

Donald Hunter

I have always loved watching their game. Both of their talents is definitely unimaginable. 

Rachel Hughes

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Five must-see tennis courts around the world


Monte Carlo country club

The Monte Carlo country club located in Roquebrune- cap- martin, France has some of the most dazzling views of the Mediterranean Sea that surround the courts situated on the French coast. The courts are actually neither located in Monte Carlo nor Monaco, but outside Monaco’s northeast border. Generally, before the French Open, the Monte Carlo Masters is played here. The resort here serves as the base for the Monte Carlo Tennis Academy.


Nestled in the magnificent village of Sanctuary Cove on Australia’s Gold Coast, and home to renowned high performance tennis coach Steve Parr and the Gold Coast Tennis Academy,  the resort has 5 x high quality flood lit courts set in the 5 star facilities of the Sanctuary Cove Golf and Country Club. 

The latest gym equipment, 4 x air-conditioned training rooms including cardio room, weight room, secluded yoga room and group fitness room, a 25m heated swimming pool with BBQ gazebo, private spas and saunas, specialised treatment rooms, first class kids club, coffee shop and function rooms.

This is the ultimate training and recreational environment for anyone wanting a tennis holiday in Australia. 

Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club

Roy Emerson Arena

Located in Gstaad, Switzerland, and middle of the breathtaking Swiss Alps, the tennis court is named after Australian Roy Emerson who had an outstanding record of winning 28 Grand Slams title in both singles and doubles. Here, week-long tennis programs are run. Here, visitors can play tennis for up to five hours a day in stunning scenery at an elevation of 3000 feet.  The rigorous program combines the intensity of training with the scenic beauty of nature.


Antigua Curtain Bluff

Situated in Antigua, Caribbean, the four impeccable scenic tennis courts
at curtain bluff resort are merely a few steps away from the beach. The courts
are surrounded by bright white sand and beautiful palm trees. The resort offers
a team of tennis coaches along with some big-name players of the game. It is so
close to the beach that you can jump into the sea after intensive training. You
can swim, kayak, sail, and snorkel on the nearby reef. This is the right place
for you if you tend to enjoy quiet beaches, peaceful surroundings, and friendly

II San Pietro di Positano Resort

Located in Positano, Italy, the tennis court is carved in between the towering cliffs on the beach near the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. The tennis court is situated alongside the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Visitors after succumbing from a difficult tennis match can cool off by enjoying the private beaches and relaxing resort activities such as kayaking and sunbathing.


The Infinity Tennis Court

The Infinity Tennis Court of James Goldstein residence is located in Los Angeles. The court is nestled along the hillside and peaking onto the Western horizon and is separated from the L.A skyline by a small 42-inch glass partition. The private and luxurious court has played host to big CEOs and other famous personalities. The court has appeared in films as well.

Coach’s tips to improve your tennis game


The following are a few practical yet straight forward tips for tennis coaching supplied by the Gold Coast Tennis Academy in Australia that can honestly help any level of play. The tips can be applied with or without a coach.

Tip 1: Early preparation

You cannot prepare soon enough, instead turn your hips and shoulders before the oncoming ball bounces on your side of the court.

Tip 2: Exaggerate the follow through

Majority of all people regardless of what sport they indulge in can improve their skill set by following through when you tend to get a bit nervous or when your opponent is in control of the game and is moving you around.  When you exaggerate you’re follow through, you do not think and should just hit the ball. Remember to move your feet at all times.

Tip 3: Two bounces and you are out

Remember that regardless of wherever you play and whenever you rally, bear in mind to never let the ball bounce twice. Even if you have no chance of reaching the ball, always run for it. Richard Williams told Serena and Venus when they were young kids not to think and just run and hit the ball. Attempt playing on a court with no lines, as whatever comes to you, is in play.

Tip 4: Hit-recover

Numerous players will hit a ball and then compliment themselves while watching the ball. This is incorrect as from now on you must hit and immediately recover.  Looking at the pros, for example, it seems like they recover in the middle of their hit. Even if it isn’t necessary to go to that extreme, remember to hit, finish and get back to position.

Tip 5: Foundation

It is recommended you and your partner start at the serving line and stand in between the singles and doubles line while rallying between the lines. Eventually, you will gain confidence, tend to move back until the baseline. It is imperative you have built a solid foundation and impeccable balance to hit between the lines.

Tip 6: A safety target

Many players will tend to overplay the ball including playing the lines. Tennis players defy the odds and go for the winners. The pros build points by playing offensive and do not go for just winners.


Tip 7: When do you communicate?

There are numerous opinions on when you should talk, how you should speak and what to say to your player after a practice session and match. No two people are alike; coaches are required to adjust their method to fit the student’s personality.

Tip 8: Boris Becker

Boris has thought many people on how to become better coaches through his approach on his serve which included getting ready into serve position, went through the entire serve motion including where to serve, attempt the first serve and repeat if missed.

Core exercises every tennis player should do


Forearm Plank

One of the most natural methods to improve and test your core strength is the plank. For this exercise, you are required to get down on the ground on your elbows and toes while your body remains entirely straight. Remember to have your elbows directly under the shoulders and hands in line with the elbows. Attempt to hold the plank for over a minute without dropping your hips. The real sign of a strong core is when you can hold a plank for over 2 minutes with a useful form.

Plank with arm and leg lift

Again, get down on the ground on your hands and toes with the shoulders aligned over the hands. Tend to keep the body straight without letting your belly and hips sink. Slowly begin to lift your left arm and right leg at the same time while maintaining them parallel to the ground. Hold the position for a minimum 2 seconds before switching sides. Such exercise requires a minimum repetition of at least 20 times.

Plank with hip twists

The exercise of the plank with hip twists is essential for tennis players as it adds to rotational power and strength. For this exercise, get to the ground in the forearm plank position and twist your hips to the left till you gently touch the ground. Remember to maintain to attach your elbows on the ground at all times. After completion of one side, return to the middle position and twist to the other side. A minimum of 20 repetitions is required.

Side plank for obliques and hips

In order to perform the exercise, you should get down on the ground on your left side while stacking your feet on top of the other and supporting yourself on your left hand with the shoulder suspended above the hand. Tend to lift the hips, so they are in a single line with your feet and shoulders like a plank. Then raise your right arm vertically upwards and stretch your chest while keeping your shoulders down. Do hold the plank for 1 minute on each side.


Lie on the ground with your back legs straight and hands supporting your head. Tend to lift your feet slightly from the ground during the entire set. Bend the left leg and bring the right knee close to the chest while twisting and crunching your upper body to bring your right elbow close to your left knee. Hold the contraction for at least a second and then switch sides. Remember to perform the movement controlled and slowly and begin with 20 repetitions and work your way up to a 100.

Reverse crunch

Lie on your back, bend your legs and bring your knees close to the chest. Lift your hips off the ground while bringing the knees close to the chest. Then reverse this movement and slowly return to the starting position. Remember not to swing your legs. Repeat a minimum of 15-20 times.

The Bryan brother’s finest hours: 16 Major men’s doubles titles and helping the USA to win the 2007 Davis Cup


It is without a doubt the Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike are the most celebrated pairs in men’s tennis. Why? Since they are identical twins and came as the perfect package from the start. They have won numerous Olympic medals, professional matches, tournaments and Grand Slams than any other men’s pairing. They have also held on to the title of world no.1 doubles ranking jointly for 438 weeks, which is quite remarkable as it is longer than anyone else in the history of doubles and has also enjoyed the world no.1 ranking together for a record of 139 consecutive weeks.

They were the perfect doubles pair since Mike was right handed and Bob left-handed. Well over 6 feet and wonderful serve-volleyers, it was the ideal style for a doubles player. When the identical twin duo was competing, they were practically unstoppable. They finished as the year-end highest ranked pair in men’s doubles a record of 10 times, in addition to winning over 16 Major men’s doubles titles and winning every individual Major a minimum of two times.

It was in the Davis Cup that their record was a bit less than stellar which is not due to their abilities. While they may have won a phenomenal 24 doubles rubbers in the Davis Cup and lost a mere five, their greatness as double players has not been met with the grandeur of single American players besides them. The USA had only won one Davis Cup in the Bryan brother’s era which was in 2007 against Russia when James Blake and Andy Roddick won enough single points to go alongside the point in doubles which the Bryans nearly guaranteed.

The relative loss of the Bryan brothers in the Davis Cup compared to their impeccable achievements as a double pairing in Grand Slam events is only a part of the more comprehensive picture. In which without a doubt they have been the greatest ever men’s double pairing when at a time in which doubles tennis had nearly faded into obscurity. The best doubles tennis is arguably the sport that demands the quickest reflexes and fastest of fast twitch fibers. Such qualities were evident in the Bryan brothers pairing.